Do Accountants make good Mentors?


So you think that coaching and mentoring are the same, but they are not. Most mentors can coach, but not all coaches can mentor.

To be a mentor you need to have “been there, done that”, otherwise it is just theory, and you have no personal proof that what you are teaching actually works. As a mentor you can use many different strategies to get your message across, including coaching, counselling, facilitating, training, to mention a few.

To be a good mentor you should have plenty of real life experiences (both good and bad) to draw upon.

As an Accountant running your own practice you have a multitude of real life experiences to draw upon.

Not only have you actually run your own business, you will have clients in all walks of life, and you will know what has worked for them and what hasn’t. You have a funnel of Mentoring experiences right in front of you.

Some of these experiences will be your own interaction with these clients, while others will be by observing and analysing what has occurred in the client’s business.

Most Business Coaches won't have this depth of experience to draw upon. Most will have bought a franchise and be trained in certain aspects business theory. They will not have the length and breadth of business diversity that you have experienced in your professional life.

Mentoring is a unique skill that accountants can offer their clients. You already have their trust and respect, so they will be much more receptive to your input. As a result, more of your advice will be implemented, and your client will experience even more success. Over time this process gathers more and more momentum.

How do I know? Because that is exactly what I did in my own practice.

I now work very closely with only a small group of handpicked clients that love the coaching, mentoring, strategy and accounting services that I provide to them. It is truly a rewarding experience, and so much less stressful than running a traditional accounting practice, in fact, I barely have any stress these days.

If you would like to find out how to get maximum satisfaction by sharing your lifetime of experiences, contact me here and I’ll arrange to catch up and have a chat about it.