Accounting or Consulting?

Business Consulting

What is the difference between Accounting and Consulting?

According to Wikipedia, “Accounting” is the systematic recording, reporting and analysis of financial transactions of a business, while “Consulting” is the practice of helping organisations improve their performance, primarily through the thorough analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.

Is what you are currently doing best described as “Accounting” or “Consulting”?

You’ve probably got more accounting work than you can handle, which means you don’t have time to do any consulting.

That’s fine, until your clients find out what other people are offering.

When you first became qualified, there was probably no such thing as a “Business Coach”. Sure there were Harvard graduates with MBA’s working with the top100 companies, but they weren’t a threat to you.

But now there are Business Coaches working in your local community, and what are they doing? Providing consulting services to the clients of local accounting firms.

Possibly your Accounting Firm.

It’s time for you to “take the high ground” in the consulting arena. Once again Wikipedia describes “the high ground” as a position of superiority over opponents or competitors. This is exactly where you need to be (and deserve to be) with your practice.

If you would like to find out how to make this happen, just contact me here and I’ll arrange to catch up and have a chat about it.