Does this sound familiar? One of your clients has just brought in his information for you to prepare his annual Taxation Returns. You notice that there is a new name on the top of his Bank Statements so you ask the obvious question. He replies by saying that he started using a new company during the year (but he still maintained only one set of books).

The client doesn’t think it’s such a big deal. You try to explain to him about potential Capital Gains Tax issues, trigger events, value shifting, etc, etc, but he just says “I know you will sort it out for me”. Or he may say “You shouldn’t have let me get into this position, I expect you to fix it at no cost to me”.

Either way, you’ve got a problem. Your choices include look for the bottle of scotch, go for the blood pressure tablets, or advise your P.I. insurer, among other things.

So why is this your fault? Because you have positioned yourself at the wrong end of the communication chain with the client. I know you are busy, ………..and tired, ………….and stressed, but are you really too busy to do your job properly?

Your clients need to see you as their Business Coach, not just their Accountant. You need to be more than just their “compliance guy”, otherwise all you will get from them will be compliance “issues”, and the stress that goes with it.

So how do you rewire your clients to think of you before they have a problem, rather than after they have a problem or, worse still, not think of you at all. The answer is simple. Follow the 7 step program I have developed which will elevate you in your clients’ eyes. It demonstrates to your clients that you care about them, and understand them, and have the answers to anything they can throw at you.

I’m not asking you to throw away all your Accountant’s Training and Prestige, become "just a business coach". I’m suggesting you elevate yourself above the rest of the Accounting Profession by giving your clients what they really want.

Would you rather your clients describe you as:-

a.       My business guru, the first point of contact in all things business, (and a good bloke as well) or,

b.      My Accountant is someone who solves a problem I didn’t know I had, in a way that I don’t understand, and then charges me for the privilege.

If you’re ready to reposition yourself at the top of the tree, and massively improve your job satisfaction at the same time, contact me here or call me on 1300 199 757and I’ll help you to get started.





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