According to the U.S. Department of Labour, Employment and Training Administration Business Coaching and associated services are expected to be the biggest growth industry in the next 7 years (83 % growth), even bigger than health care for our baby boomers. It is expected to grow four times faster than Accounting and Tax Preparation Services (estimated to be only 21% in the same period).

Doesn’t it make sense to be in a growth industry? Don’t limit your thinking to what you think you know about the industry.

There are endless opportunities in the emerging industry of Business Coaching.

I remember starting at University in 1974 and being introduced to Data Processing and Computer Programming. We used to type up punch cards and load them into the hopper on the mainframe computer. I thought “I can’t see the relevance of these subjects, because all I want to do is run an Accounting Practice”.

Little did I know that by the time I graduated three years later every Accounting Practice was buying a computer, and I was put in charge of what turned out to be the “heart and soul of the business”.

Now everyone has a PC to do their work thanks to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and the like.

The market is becoming more aware of what benefits a Business Coach can bring to a business.

The modern day Business Coach is like a “McKinsey for the masses”. In 1926 James McKinsey expanded his budgeting and finance skills into Business Coaching, although he called it “management engineering”. McKinsey & Co. work at the very top level for global multinational companies, but the modern Business Coach can have the same impact on any organisation, regardless of size, or culture, or location.

The revolution that took computing from Mainframes at the big end of town, to PC’s and laptops for the masses, is now happening in the world of Business Coaching.

What was once available to only the largest of companies is now being made available to all businesses, and it is the role of the modern business coach to provide the service.




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