What would your clients answer to this question? Are you game enough to ask them? Or is there an elephant in the room?

Accountant to Coach, Peter Fehon

How would an outsider see it? As an Accountant you have spent many years learning your craft. It probably started with a Uni Degree in Commerce, Economics, or Business Studies.

You may have studied part time and had excellent on-the-job training from senior members of the profession. In fact, you have spent your whole adult life honing your skills, just so you can be “second best”.

You probably spend all your available time tending to the compliance needs of your clients so that you just don’t physically have time to offer them additional services.

Enter the Business Coach.  He probably comes from outside the Accountancy profession. He has bought a franchise, got some marketing training, and is knocking on your clients’ doors.

He is not qualified to offer compliance services. He is not even interested in offering compliance services. Why would he be when he can come in and take the cream? The parts that the Accountant is too busy to provide.

Sounds like the easy road to the top, if you ask me.

When you look at it that way, maybe Business Coaches have outsmarted Accountants. Whose fault is that? The Government for increasing the compliance burden? NO, it is our fault as Accountants for becoming complacent.

How do you think Business Coaching as a profession came into being? Someone saw a need that wasn’t being met, and met it. It’s that simple. Accountants were not meeting their clients’ needs, other Accountants were also too busy to attract clients away from their competitors. So, as a profession, Accountants became complacent.

This created a perfect opportunity for a predator to attack the industry. And the Business Coach was born. The Business Coach now does the quality “high impact” advice, while the Accountants fight over the compliance work.

Round 1 to the Business Coach.

If you would like to know how to bulletproof your practice against Business Coaches give me a call on 1300 199 757  or contact me here if you have any questions whatsoever!






















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