Do Accountants have good People Skills?

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Accountants People Skills

Have you heard the latest Accountant Joke? There are so many around, and they all seem to have a common theme. They all seem to indicate that accountants lack people skills, which is not true. Sure, you are great with all the numerical stuff, but you have got so much more to offer.
If you are running your own Accounting Practice, you didn’t get there without using people skills.
Do you think that your clients would respect and trust you, if you didn’t have the skills to communicate with them? To be a successful principal in public practice you must have drive, enthusiasm, commitment, and people skills.
The next time someone offends (or humours) you by telling an Accountant Joke, reply with an Engineer Joke, because they make Accountants look good.
But seriously, people skills are critical to making a success of the Accountant-Client relationship. The trouble is you are probably so busy coping with the mountain of compliance work that you don’t have time to stop and think about your clients’ needs and expectations.
No matter how good you are, if you are distracted or distressed you won't come across in the best possible light. This is in any situation – at work, at home, on the golf course, anywhere.
When stressed we tend to retreat back to our safety zone. For accountants this is in the world of certainty, introversion & pessimism.
So doesn’t it make sense to reduce our stress levels so that we can operate with all our skills, not just our basic skills?
These are some common stresses that you might encounter
  • lodgement deadlines,
  • huge office overheads,
  • costs of non-chargeable employees,
  • administrative duties, etc

All this stress can mean that often you don’t connect properly with your clients. Possibly there are some clients that you make time for and, funnily enough, I'll bet these clients generate the most fees for you.

"The more time I took to think about their situations, the more I was able to add value to their businesses.".

I was on to something. These guys liked me, and I liked them, because I took the time to understand them. It occurred to me that if I had the time to do this properly for more people I would have a better business.
I created a business where I could focus on hand picked clients to find out exactly what they needed, and then give it them in a meaningful and real way and before long my top six clients were producing the same bottom line as I used to generate from 300 clients….
Would you like to do the same? I know I can help you achieve great results in your Accounting Practice. You can contact me here





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