About Us

Peter Fehon

I started my Accounting Career back in the 70’s, by studying a Bachelor of Business Degree, and picking up all the necessary qualifications and registrations along the way.

By age 25 I was a partner in a 6 partner CPA firm. By age 40, after a series of mergers, demergers, and retirements I owned the whole practice.

But I had created a monster. I was chained to my desk doing compliance work. It was taking me up to 70 hours per week to keep the wheels turning. There were interviews to do, phone calls to return, files to review, invoices to raise, bills to pay, assessments to check, correspondence to dictate, staff to motivate, marketing to do, meetings to go to, just to name a few.

My kids were growing up without enough input from me.

I didn’t have time to exercise, or relax, or read, or anything else other than just go to work. There was that last minute rush to lodge outstanding returns and, a couple of weeks later, it would start all over again for another year.

Meanwhile, I had a handful of really good clients that I “connected” with and who had big plans for the future. I knew I could add great value to their businesses, if only I could break free from the shackles of my “traditional” practice.

Sound familiar?? That’s all changed now. Now that’s all I do – add great value to the businesses of my hand-picked clients, and I couldn’t be happier. Let me tell you why:-

  • I earn considerably more than I did running the “traditional” model. I have eliminated almost all my overheads and staff costs, so now every dollar I charge makes it to the bottom line. 
  • I work half the hours I used to. I am not caught up doing compliance work for multitudes just to pay the bills. 
  • I only work with those clients that I “connect” with. Because I am no longer under any time pressure, I have time to build rapport with those clients that I choose to work with. I have time to understand their businesses, and advise them accordingly. 
  • I have a real impact on my clients’ businesses. Keeping score just doesn’t cut it! I now get to give my clients focused advice that is specific to their needs. I also get to be part of the implementation process, and see the positive results my advice has generated.

What sounded like a “dream” is now a “reality”. All it took was a desire and a blueprint. A blueprint that I can now share with you so that you can achieve exactly what it is that you want from your practice.

Go ahead and watch the video to find out how, or if you want to have a chat about how I can help you – contact me here or phone me on 0414 284 489 and and we’ll arrange to catch up and have a chat about it.